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Please note that some chapters do not have specific worksheets. In this case, use an appropriate worksheet from the Appendix at the end of this document.

Part 1
Fundamentals of Making, Tasting & Production

1. The Devil’s Wine
2. Froth and Bubble… worksheet
3. Feeling Thirsty?… worksheet
4. Explosive Matter
5. Aroma… worksheet
6. Flavour, Creaminess, Yeast Influence.. worksheet
7. The Mysterious Reserve… worksheet
8. The Échelle des Crus System: Grand, Premier and Others… worksheet
9. Length and Complexity… worksheet
10. Sweetness, Acidity and Balance… worksheet
11. Drink the Label… worksheet

Part 2
The Grapes, Land & Regions of Champagne
& their influences on the finished product

12. The Grapes of Champagne Part 1 – Chardonnay & Other Whites… worksheet
13. The Grapes of Champagne Part 2 – Pinot Noir… worksheet
14. The Grapes of Champagne Part 3 – Marvellous Meunier… worksheet
15. The Art of Champagne: Blending… worksheet
16. Structure, Body and Weight in Champagne…worksheet
17. Terrified of Terroir?… worksheet
18. The Villages and Vineyards of the Mountain… worksheet
19. The Valley of the Marne… worksheet
20. The Capital of Champagne and Environs… worksheet
21. The Côte des Blancs and Related Areas… worksheet
22. The Côte des Bar… worksheet

Part Three
Styles & Structures
(of the drink and the industry)

23. Champagne Rules!… worksheet
24. Grandes Marques
25. Thrills, Swings, Rollercoasters, Survival
26. Underrated Villages… worksheet
27. In the Pink… worksheet
28. Vintage Champagne… worksheet
29. Champenois Influence Outside Champagne… worksheet
30. The As and Bs of Style… worksheet
31. How Champagne Ages – Non-Vintage Compared to Vintage; Late Disgorged Champagnes; Mellow Malo… worksheet
32. The Many Qualities and Disguises of Chardonnay… worksheet
33. The Effect of Wood… worksheet

Part Four
Themes of the Past, Present & Future

34. An Illustrious House… worksheet
35. Small but Perfectly Formed; ’The Growers’ Krug’… worksheet
36. The Oldest Champagne Houses
37. Worth Fighting For… worksheet
38. Single Vineyard Champagnes, Cuvées de Prestige & Têtes de Cuvéeworksheet
39. Single Producer, Multiple Styles
40. Some Veuves of Champagne
41. Modern Entrepreneurs… worksheet
42. Small Proud Kingdoms
43. The Next Generation
44. Blind Tasting, Matching with Food, Champagne Games


Tasting Worksheets…worksheet

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