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Champagne…a tasting journey

Tamlyn Currin
Milton Keynes, UK
December, 2017

An unusually serious, in-depth study book for a disciple of champagne…   all the elements that come together to make up champagne, from the vineyards to the winemaking to the structure of the industry. The guided tastings are instructive, …champagnes incredibly carefully chosen for their properties and characteristics. Learn about champagne through the prism of tasting. The ability to write a study book that isn’t dry and ponderous is a real gift. I am not criticising the price. It’s worth it.

Tim Hall
UK and European Champagne Ambassador
Officer of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne
Importer, Educator, Writer
Reviewer, The World of Fine Wine

A detailed introduction to the region and its wines through guided tasting…. Enthusiasm bubbles throughout the text and is infectious… The book’s final chapters, on different aspects of Champagne, are engaging and informative by any standard.

Huon Hooke
Editor, The Real Review
Wine expert, critic and show judge
Weekly columnist, Sydney Morning Herald Good Food
Contributing editor, tasting panel member and columnist, Gourmet Traveller WINE.
November, 2016

… an encyclopaedic book loaded with information and defying categorisation.
It’s an engrossing and comprehensive book, which took years to research and write. The quality of the production is high, and it’s a beautiful book to regard. Perhaps a hardback rather than soft would have been justified (but no doubt the price would be even higher). I recommend it.

Maud Fierobe
Proprietor, Champagne + Fromage
22 April, 2017

Thank you. I keep reading your book, so informative and educational, showing a deep knowledge and understanding of the Terroirs of Champagne, a so- needed update on old and new cuvées! A great approach to the different styles of Champagne as well…..As we say in England CHEERS Lady Kaaren Palmer! This is a must read book for all Champagne Lovers!

Edouard Cointreau
President of the Jury – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

This labor of love took years of work, and transmits the passion and experience of the author. Warning : it will make you quite thirsty for more bubbly.

Champagne…a tasting journey was the recipient of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards ‘Best French Wine Book’ 2016.

Michel Drappier
Proprietor, Champagne Drappier
Urville, Champagne, France
20 April, 2016

Your Champagne book is a masterpiece; the Drappier family is so proud to be in it

Tzvetan Mihailov
Importer, Swiss Champagne Ambassador 2011,
Champagnes de Gastronomie
2 May, 2016

Great book! Highly recommended!

Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon
Champagne Louis Roederer
Reims, Champagne, France
April, 2016

The Bible for Champagne, a pedagogical approach

Victor Pugatschew
Champagne de Vigneron
Melbourne, Australia
April, 2016

The Champagne literary masterpiece…. Epic….great read … you should be proud

Dr. Alexandra Burridge
Stockbroker, Investment Advisor, Medical Practitioner, winemaker
Morgans Stockbrokers, Adelaide, South Australia

A welcome addition to the field, and is as entertaining as it is informative and educational. I certainly commend her new book “Champagne: a tasting journey” to all who have any curiosity or interest in the wide variety of wines of this classic premium region.

Cam O’Keefe
Venue Manager, Centra Hotel (2017 Victorian Pub of the Year)
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
April, 2017

I purchased a copy of your book Champagne: A Tasting Journey last year and love its content (in fact, I used it heavily for my studies in the lead up to last year’s Awards)

N.B. Cam O’Keefe in fact won the Professional Section of the Vin de Champagne Awards, Australia, in 2016.

Ann Oliver
Artist, consulting chef, editor and publisher Galaxy Guides
Adelaide, South Australia

Long awaited, Kaaren Palmer’s erudite tome is bound to become a best seller.

CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY is not just a comprehensive introduction to the world of champagne, but importantly, it is a step-by-step guide to tasting and appraising champagne. Palmer’s book is the first book of its type about champagne and undoubtedly will be translated into many languages as it becomes well known. A text book in many ways, but without any of the austerity or incomprehensible language one often finds in such books. Advanced, professional or beginning on your champagne journey, this book allows you to select your level of interest of the moment and grow your knowledge over many tastings.

Adoration of champagne encompasses the entire world and the thirst to know and understand more about this precious drop has universal appeal. Palmer’s book will become the definitive source for anyone wanting to learn more about champagne.

Appreciative readers

Julia McLellan
New Orleans, USA
August 2016
Your champagne book is wonderful. I love that you give such specific instructions on tasting. I am now forming a New Orleans champagne group.

Dr Brian Dare
Consultant Occupational Physician, Perth, WA
7 May, 2016

Have been reading Kaaren Palmer’s recently released book ‘Champagne A Tasting Journey’, which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in champagne. A great read – and very informative.

Mark G Powell
Programme Director and Head of Strategic IT Delivery at Lloyds Banking Group
Gloucestershire UK

An awesome book… so thorough and complete