Kaaren Palmer

is a multi-award winning author and educator
on the subject of her passion – Champagne.

Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne
Gourmand International Food and Wine Book Awards,
Winner Best French Wine Book 2016

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web site last updated February 23, 2023
Champagne News February 2023


As the year rolls over, and my birthday arrives, it’s time to review the drinking window of the champagnes now residing in their city wine room. No more trips to the cellar in the Adelaide Hills! At great expense to the management, our wine room is set at twelve degrees, but the argon-filled double glazing helps. What a handsome room it is, and how naughtily tempting to have it so close! Also no cellar stairs.

As you can see from the photo below, I was spoiled for treats this month. The Comtes isn’t really ready to drink yet, but what magnificent structure for ageing! I’ve included it in the photo for its promise.

The other champagnes are drinking at superlative peaks…. I felt like shedding a tear when the Krug was finished, especially as my dear husband consumed half of it…. read on.

February 23 2023


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