Of 136 co-operatives, just over 40 are commercially active, making and selling champagne under their own labels, which bear the initials C.M. As well, co-ops return bottled champagne to growers, who then add their own labels, although some co-operatives undertake this function, too.

Co-operatives press the grapes and make the wines for over 15,000 grape growers. They also provide stabilised grape juice to the Houses.

Click on the name of any Cooperative or supplier listed below to be taken straight to its website.
Chassenay d’Arce is available at First Choice and Vintage Cellars
Collet is distributed by Bacchus Wine Merchants
de St Gall is available at First Choice and Vintage Cellars
Devaux is available at Dan Murphy and Rathdowne Cellars, and is distributed by Yarrabank Wines
Jacquart is available at First Choice and Vintage Cellars. It is imported by Single Vineyard Sellers
Le Mesnil distribution is handled by Wine Direct
Mailly is available at Dan Murphy
Nicolas Feuillatte is distributed by the Angove family through Vintage House Wine and Spirits
Palmer is a very select co–operative of vignerons holding principally premier and grand cru vineyards. It is distributed by Paradox Wines
Pannier is currently without Australian distribution.
Paul Goerg is distributed by Combined Wines and Food 

Updated 30 January, 2018